Online Lessons

Thanks to technology today, you can learn to play piano online, right from your own living room! You may be apprehensive about starting at first and wonder if learning to play piano online is as effective as taking lessons in person. The answer is YES!

Online piano lessons may not be for everyone, just like in-person lessons may not work for everyone. With online lessons, however, you’ll feel comfortable in your own home and have more control over your schedule (since you don’t have to worry about rushing around town to get to a lesson.) You can study with any teacher, anywhere, not just someone within a 10-mile radius.

“I treat my online piano lessons the same as if the student is physically in the room with me. ”

What You Need for Online Lessons

Strong internet connection

Check your internet speed. It must be consistent and fast for online lessons.

Working camera with your computer

Place the camera either in front of you or to the side of the piano. I need to be able to see your posture and fingers clearly. An external camera or phone camera is usually better resolution than a built-in laptop camera.

Good speakers.

Place the speakers either in front of you or to the side of the piano, so you can hear the teacher clearly and she can hear you play.

Working email that you check regularly.

Check your email for updates and assignments weekly. I send invoices, homework assignments and recordings through email. 


Access to a printer is helpful for printing special assignments and occasional sheet music.  You will need to print or hand-copy your homework into an assignment book after every lesson.


Keep a pencil near your piano for marking your music and doing your music theory homework in class.

Psalm 33:3
Sing unto him a new song;
play skilfully with a loud noise.

“I want all of my music to be to the glory of God, for He is the Master Musician!”