About Me


Katy Generaux

Katy Generaux loves teaching and God has given her the opportunity to expand her teaching of piano lessons this year. Katy taught in her private studio in Bentonville, AR for seven years. She recently moved to Berryville, AR and offers in-person lessons and online lessons. Katy has lessons open to first-time beginners through moderate intermediate students. She teaches both adults and children. Katy studied as a piano performance major in college. She is also the founder and director of NWA Celebration Singers Children’s Choir which was founded in Bentonville in September of 2013. Katy married James Generaux in January 2020. They both enjoy sharing their passion for music and worship with others.

Katy and James also produce music videos and tutorial videos through their Music Bugs Recording studio.

“I believe that music is to be shared with others. I always encourage my students to look for opportunities to share their music with others. My students learn to enjoy performing by understanding the heart of service and worship.”


This renovated hundred-year-old house was my first private studio.


I loved this tiny house! It was the perfect music studio for me.


I got married in January and I am in my new home!

Psalm 33:3
Sing unto him a new song;
play skilfully with a loud noise.

“I want all of my music to be to the glory of God, for He is the Master Musician!”